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Windows Theme Installer 1.1: Zmień swój Windows jednym kliknięciem. ... Jeśli chcesz zainstalować temat graficzny na Windows Vista lub Windows 7... Zobacz  ... Windows 8 Theme for Vista - @Yoni yes you can change it back to the original, if you do it the proper way the Windows 8 theme will appear in your Personalization Control Panel and you can the simply select another theme from there. @aakash you can download the themes from here: Download Windows 8 Themes. We have also added some Windows 8 themes for Windows 7 by now, the theme above is for Windows Vista. Windows 8 Theme - Vista VS - YouTube

20 Best Themes for Windows 8.1 | The Windows Planet Even a brand new operating system like Windows 8.1 can get bored to somebody who has earlier seen better eye candies like Windows Vista, Windows 7, or even a themed Windows XP. There are thousands of visual styles (themes) available for free download, that completely change the look and... Amazing Windows 8 Themes You Need To See Email. Facebook. Whatsapp. Pinterest. Twitter. Advertisement. Windows has always had an active community of enthusiasts who customize everything about it, including its desktop theme. Although Microsoft tries to prevent this... Download 26 Free Windows 8 Themes, Visuals & Skins Windows 8 is the latest innovation of Microsoft and released with lots of amazing new features and improvements. Windows 8 UI looks different and awesome with its themes and desktop backgrounds, But now you can personalize your desktop according to your style.

Obtenez des informations sur la fin du support de Windows Vista et découvrez ce qu’il faut savoir pour effectuer la mise à jour vers Windows 10 ou changer de PC.

With Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced eye candy Aero glass visual style, included polished Aero glass visual style in If you're a Windows XP user and love the new visual style introduced with Windows 8, you can get it in Windows XP as well. For all those users looking for Windows 8 theme... Desktop Themes / Windows 8 Themes - free Windows 8 Visual... Windows 8 7989 Aero for Windows 8.1 17-11-03 Visual Styles 242 Views Click / 22 Digg. Well heres something literally nobody asked for :P Download: ClearGlass Aero Vista for win8 desktop themes ClearGlass Aero Vista for Windows 8.1 Update 1 Welcome to the world of Wind... Download Windows 8 Themes for Windows 7 and Vista UPDATE: Check out our Windows 8 Themes Gallery to download all theme, visual styles and transformation packs These are actually just modified versions of default Windows Vista & 7 visual styles that help you turn around Windows Vista or Windows 7 into (predicted) Windows 8's interface.